About Me

Andy has been with Nike for 2 years now and is currently a Part-Time Product Athlete at Nike Portland as well as Interning at Nike WHQ as an Associate Footwear Developer in Nike Sportswear. He is responsible for having an in depth understanding of Nike product, consumer needs, and how to continue to drive the brand and athletes.

Andy is a ‘sneaker head’ and loves everything about footwear. His favorite shoe is the Zoom LeBron II, due to all of the minor details and messages hidden on the shoe. Andy is the founder of www.andykomara.com, a blog dedicated to all things sneaker related and founded in February of 2014. He posts detailed articles on athletic footwear, gathering insights and data from a personal point of view, as well as getting consumer insights on products.

Andy also runs the @TeamMonarch Instagram account as part of his duties as Social Media Intern for Deadstock Coffee located in Portland, Oregon. The Instagram account is continuing to grow, with a ‘cult following’ and audience of 7K followers.


Andy has spent most of his time in the Midwest living the small town life about 60 miles south of Cleveland in Wooster, Ohio. He attended Ohio Wesleyan University where he got his degree in Sport Management and played Varsity Basketball for three years. During college, Andy interned with the Columbus Crew and the Ohio Wesleyan Athletic Department doing marketing roles and event & game management. After college, Andy spent three months working for adidas Group as a Sales Associate at a factory outlet store in Lodi, Ohio, then moved to Portland in August 2014 to pursue a career in the footwear & apparel industry. Upon arriving in Portland, Andy spent six months at Nike IHM in Beaverton learning development and working on Digital Ink Elite Basketball Socks for signature and inline Basketball.

He currently resides in Portland where he enjoys the city atmosphere & lifestyle, green scenery, and the diversity of people and food. Andy enjoys exploring Portland and the greater Pacific Northwest, going on hikes, and seeking out new restaurants in the Portland Metro Area.     

Contact Details:

ajkomara@gmail.com     C: 330-317-9120


My intention for this site is to create a place for me to write, share my own thoughts, share my designs, share my opinions on shoes, smile, frown, argue, debate, or whatever it is I am feeling at the time.

A few things I obsess over are: shoes, footwear design, streetwear, basketball, NBA and college hoops, and more shoes.

You can contact me through email at ajkomara@gmail.com

or follow me on any of my social media outlets below





***Everything written on this site is mine (Unless credit is given) and does not reflect the views of my employer***mine and does not reflect the views of my employer.

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