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adidas-d-lillard-1-header This Friday (February 6th), adidas Basketball is officially welcoming Portland Trailblazers point guard Damian Lillard to the ‘signature shoe’ family from adidas and is set to release the adidas D Lillard 1 nationwide. Lillard, who had the live launch party for his signature shoe in mid January at adidas America HQ in Portland, Oregon, was all smiles as the brand celebrated the big day with guests such as rapper Future and media from all of your favorite footwear blogs. If you remember, I voiced my opinion about Lillard and how he deserved his own signature shoe from adidas Basketball back in May of 2014 (which you can view HERE) and I’m really glad to see that brand is moving forward with Lillard. Lillard is now the fourth active signature athlete for adidas Basketball, joining John Wall, Derrick Rose, and Dwight Howard. (images via: Sole Collector, adidas Basketball, and Casey Holdahl).

Lillard at the launch party of his signature shoe

Lillard at the launch party of his signature shoe

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 2.47.07 PM   D Lillard 1 Rip City Detail 1 (D68974) Horizontal

For the creation of Lillard’s logo, the design team wanted to represent all four O’s in his life: Oakland, for being Dame’s hometown, Ogden, to represent Ogden, Utah and Weber State where he went to college at, and Oregon, where he currently resides, and to also represent the #0 that he wears.

Lillard 1 Logo

Lillard 1 Logo



As for the design aspects of the D Lillard 1, the shoe comes in a low-top cut form and features a full-length adiprene+ for cushioning and TECHFIT tongue and inner booty for premium comfort and stability. One of the first things you will notice about the shoe is the absence of adidas new wave technology, BOOST. First introduced in the running market of adidas Running, BOOST made its way onto adidas Basketball product in late 2014, being featured on the adidas Crazy Light BOOST, which retailed for $139.99. Although Lillard was the main promoter for the new Crazy Light BOOST and played in it for the beginning of the 2014-2015 NBA season, it was left off of his first signature shoe for pricing. Lillard realized the cost of implementing BOOST on his shoe and decided he wanted to keep the pricing lower for all of his fans to afford his shoe (which is priced at a smooth $105). A respectable move to Lillard and adidas Basketball. Lillard has voiced his love for BOOST on adidas product and expect to see it implemented going forward on his signature products from adidas. His shoe will do just fine without BOOST, in my opinion though. Adiprene+ is a good cushioning setup that adidas has to offer which will give Lilalrd the propulsion and ‘spring’ feel he needs. The technology is used mostly in adidas running footwear and basketball footwear, and has stood the length of time since first introduced by the brand.

adidas D Lillard 1 tech info

adidas D Lillard 1 tech info

The shoe was designed by adidas Basketball Design Director Robbie Fuller, who has been with the brand for some years and has a previous record for designing some of Derrick Rose’s shoes from adidas Basketball. The shoe was designed by Dame’s relentless attitude and love for the game. “We designed every aspect of this shoe to compliment Dame’s play on the court,” said Robbie Fuller, adidas Basketball Design Director (SoleCollector, 1/13/15). With Lillard playing for the Portland Trailblazers, and adidas having their adidas America Head Quarters in Portland, Lillard was able to have a very hands on feel during the whole design process. Usually what happens is when adidas signature Basketball athletes are in town to play the Trailblazers, designers will often have to set up times to meet up while the player is in town very briefly, maybe a day or two (outside of the the already scheduled meetings the athlete has with the brand ahead of time). That wasn’t the case with Lillard though, who was very vocal with his designers and would often go over to the brands HQ before/after practice and text his team of designers about anything he felt would help the process of his shoe. adidas is very lucky to have a guy like Lillard to be right in the same city as their HQ’s, which makes for an all around easier process from all aspects of creating a signature shoe for a big time athlete.

Robbie Fuller's initial sketch of the D Lillard 1 for Damian Lillard.

Robbie Fuller’s initial sketch of the D Lillard 1 for Damian Lillard.

Robbie Fuller D Lillard 1 sketch

Robbie Fuller D Lillard 1 sketch

Robbie Fuller D Lillard 1 sketch

Robbie Fuller D Lillard 1 sketch

Another cool aspect of the D Lillard 1 was how Lillard himself debuted the shoe on social media. Unlike other shoe brands who often times try to keep their signature shoes ‘under wraps’ and away from being leaked, adidas Basketball let Dame leak the shoe in mid October, four months ahead of the official launch and debut it on his personal Instagram with his famous #4barFriday posts where he raps a few lines and posts it to Instagram with the hashtag #4barfriday to interact with his fans. Instagram has become the common platform for brands to connect and interact with their fans and adidas wanted to give Lillard the ‘ultimate amount of control’ when it came time to show off the shoe to his fans. A very unconventional route, but will this be a new way we see brands interact in 2015?


Lilllard wearing the D Lillard 1 in white/red for warmups of a Trailblazers home game


Lilllard wearing the D Lillard 1 in white/red for warmups of a Trailblazers home game

The D Lillard 1 will hit retail February 6th for $105 at adidas.com and at Foot Locker in three different colorways. The shoe is also available for purchase on miadidas.com, adidas very own custom platform and will sell for $125.


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This past week I was sent by my adidas outlet store to work the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, California, which is right outside of Los Angeles. Some may think that Reebok has become irrelevant in the footwear & sports apparel industry with giant competitors such as Nike, New Balance, and Asics to face against, but Reebok seems to be doing just fine. Since Adidas Group purchased Reebok in 2006, things have been on the rise for Reebok. They recently got rid of their basketball division and only release a select few basketball items per year. They have since put more of their focus into CrossFit. The founders of CrossFit and Reebok joined forces in 2007 and have since been designing and developing some of the best footwear and apparel options available to CrossFit athletes around the world.


The Reebok Crossfit Games, which was first introduced in 2007, has been the biggest event for Reebok as a company, as they have the event every year in late July. In just one week, the total amount of money brought in from the 2014 games was nearly 2 million dollars. Granit every item sold in the store were full priced items, they did fairly well compared from the pervious year.


The setup of the event was constructed to be a Reebok retail store, just outside and under the roof of a large tent close to where the events were occuring. It basically was a full-priced Reebok store with the latest Reebok CrossFit shoes and apparel. Reebok and adidas joined forces to run the event and sales associates from both Reebok stores and adidas stores from across the nation were flown in to work the event. We were there for a week straight. The Reebok Nano 4.0 was debuted at the games and could only be purchased at the games or on Reebok’s online store. All apparel was also exclusive to the event as well, and could only be purchased at the event or from the online store. The flagship shoe of the event was the Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0, coming off of last years previous model of the Nano 3.0. There were also three other shoes featured during the event, each with different benefits for CrossFit lifting and training. It was definitely a great experience getting to work the event. It was a lot of work, but I was able to gain some experience as well as make some new connections within adidas and Reebok. For those looking for the latest and best CrossFit and lifting equipment, look no further than Reebok CrossFit. Reebok CrossFit is definitely on the rise and here for the long-run. Feel free to scroll through many of the images I took from the event.